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Image krisb On The BoardThere are a couple of new quick and easy ways to ‘get on the board’, by that I mean the new CTH homepage. Here are some links to user krisb’s gallery album and what does it have to do with making on the board?

First off, if you have an forum user ID you no longer need a homepage (blog) or gallery user id. All systems are ‘auto integrated’ together. This is something I have been wanting since inception but it was only a pipe dream until now. So, krisb simply headed over to the gallery and created an album, uploaded the starting pics (all 5 of them). Now, how did he end up on the board? Easy, this section of the homepage pulls gallery images from the latest uploaded pics to each and every album. Meaning that if you want to just see if anything is new come to the homepage and see who is on board!!

Now, I did say that krisb (I love that member name by the way) uploaded 5 pictures. WHY ARE THERE only 4 showing on the latest uploaded images?? Well, a funny thing happened in this section. After I got done uploading thousands of images of all our projects (ms dozer and I) when I looked at the homepage it looked a bit out of kilter. On the latest uploaded images all 20 were labeled ‘dozer’. How boring. So I put a max on it, only 4 allowed per member ID, that way you can see several.

gavin On boardA lesser example, but still altogether good is gavins. How did he get on board? Well he came to the homepage and saw a blog article and ‘left a comment’. You can read it by clicking on the text ‘Original About Page’. Not too exciting, but not that gavins did not need a blog member ID, it was all auto magic. Then you start to think is this Dozer a real nut case???? How much time is he spending on this techno nerdy stuff and why? Any sane person would ask ‘How many hours did you spend creating auto magic?’ If the answer was 1 – 2 that might make some sense. If it was some nutty number they would think something is wrong…….

Secondly let me thank both krisb and gavins for ‘stepping out’ and trying something new. It is nice to hit a few buttons every now and again and somehow wind up ‘on the board’.

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  1. Dear All
    I have just joined recently and I am a novice in posting blogs
    My thai wife and I have just bought a 17 rai farm 30km north of Nong Bua Daeng
    I am retiring to the farm in April 2015 and I plan to build a single storey house/bungalow on the farm
    Can any member help me to get contacts , like builder, electrician, plumber etc
    I have been following the blogs from Tonyinthailand which is a godsend to me as I am learning new things about building in Thailand
    kind regards

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