Feedback: use 8 – 12 words per column

*feedback from Rob S*

Great info and content on your site, but please please please in the interest of usability, put your text content into blocks that are only 8-12 words wide – this is the single biggest criticism of stickmans site (and rightly so). The reason is that it’s very tiring on the eyes and brain to have keep reading across the entire width of your screen – your readers will absorb more if their brains don’t have to expend so much energy making their eyes scan across the screen. If the content is contained within narrower blocks, its much much easier to read. Go and look at any good news site that has large amounts of text, its always contained in narrow blocks ala mangosause. It’s a common mistake that amateur website builders make, and one that can be easily fixed and enhance the user experience on your site.

This referenced the original side of the side, coolthaihouse.com. I agree the narrow columns are more readable as I have heard this from more than one reader. I think the blog side of the site is easier to read, but for information organization the original site may win out. I did try changing some of the pages on the original side of the site but it looked like kind of a patch job so I left most as is.

Otherwise, great info, great site – it must have taken a hell of a lot of time and research to put the site together. Enjoy your house you lucky bastard!


Rob S

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