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image helpregisterarea.jpgHopefully you are unaware of the volume of spam that seems to plague bloggers these days! What a nuisance. One of the precautions we use here for safe blogging, is to require those that wish to comment to register and logon before doing. Have a comment for a blog article. Please don’t be deterred! Read on….


image helpregisterarea.jpg
The first step is to register. There is a registration box on the upper right hand side of the screen. Click it and you will be routed to the registration screen.

image helpregisterscreen.jpg
On the registration screen you’ll be prompted for a user id and email address. The user id is one you select, such as ‘bobo’, ‘jamesfor’ ‘landbuilder’ or any other handle you want to go by.

image helplogonarea.jpg
Use the logon area to logoff or log back on again. That will transition you to the logon screen.

image helplogonscreen.jpg
Once you make it here, you’re pretty much home free. You have a logon ‘handle’ already and you email has been mailed to you. Just key in your handle, logon and press the logon key. Now you can officially leave comments on any blog article.

Other problems: Sometimes you wish to logon, but you get prompted to ‘register’, as if you don’t have a logon. In this case, just go to the registration screen. At the bottom there is a logon option. Click this and you’ll be transitioned to the logon screen.

Remember, coolthaihouse is really three sites. The first one is coolthaihouse.com, there is no logon required (or available) on this site. This is info only, so feel free to browse. The next site is the coolthaihouse.com/blog. Here you can comment on posts if you are a registered user. The last site is the forum. This is the primary area to post all of your building questions, stories, offer recommendations, etc. Although you can comment as a guest, registration/logon is highly recommended. The registration system for the forum and blog ARE TOTALLY INDEPENDENT, so if you are registered on the blog you’ll still need to register on the forum.

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