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pic of tropical paradiseThis site provides information on building a house in Pattaya, Thailand and Thailand in general. How to go about getting a nice luxury house built for under $25,000 (1,000,000 Baht)? If you think a sales pitch is brewing…. don’t worry, nothing for sale, no advertising. The only thing requested is feedback after you review the site.

Think of it: living in style in a tropical paradise! Thailand is a wonderful place, until you try to get something done!

OK, maybe it is still a wonderful place, but things can get frustrating at times. Anyway, from the stories with my friends to my own personal experience the saying that fits is ‘If I only knew then what I know now!’.

Now don’t get me wrong. Even with all of the possible hassles, Thailand is still a great place to build a house. First off there is cheap skilled labor, materials are plentiful and not too expensive and land is also not expensive by European standards. Secondly, in and around Pattaya, Thailand there is a building boom. If your house turns out well, you have a nice investment on your hands that can be sold for up to twice the money invested.

However attractive the prospect of building is, one thing is for certain…. info is hard to come by. For example, what are the various types of water sources, what should I know about how perimeter walls are built, construction materials types, things to be on the lookout for and on and on and on. This site is basically a posting of information that I wish I had known before I got started. And it is by no means complete – so please by all means comment and correct information which I have posted and if you have knowledge of a particular area of house construction in Thailand please write it up. I will post your information on this site. Info from experts is greatly appreciated also.

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  1. gidday from gavin in australia. Next year i plan to move to thailand with my wife of 20 years.I intend to build anew house 50 km from kamphaeng phet but have little or no idea of cost, land is not an issue as my mother in law has several acres and wants to give us our own plot. The land will however need to be raised to above the roadway. The house will be a conventional rectangular shape approx 8m by 19m, or 152sq meters. Construction would be brick walls steel frame roof with some sort of light weight roofing material. I would like a thai style roof. town water and electricity is available but i am not sure about sewerage yet. inside will be fairly modest with 2 bathrooms and something that resembles a western kitchen. I know its a broad question but if someone can give me a guide as to cost of building and connections it would be appreciated. regards Gavin S.

  2. About building materials: I see many homes being constructed with reinforced concrete pillars. I’m not sure what the exterior walls are made from. In the United States most homes are framed with standard 2×4 or 2×6 lumber which is easily found in any lumber yard. I’m guessing that douglas fir stud framing is not available in Thailand.

    Where in Chiang Mai, Thailand could you find materials for the reinforced concrete pillars? And are there building codes for their construction? best regards, johana

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