Whodunit! Dog murders.

Finally a resolution to the [original dead dog story]( http://coolthaihouse.com/blog/index.php?p=138 “original dead dog story”). Updates; a few days before the neighborhood dogs disappeared, there was a loud argument up the street. The argument was between Lung Nu (the caretaker of about 7 dogs up the street) and a neighbor from across the way. The neighbor didn’t like the fact that one of the dogs was barking at all hours.

The next thing was all of the dogs were poisoned. This included not only Lung Nu’s dogs, but also some other dogs from around the area. The dog owners were obviously not happy about the entire episode, so they went around looking for where the poison was put down.

They did find some poison laced food stuck on top of newspaper at the house of the neighbor across the way. The other detail was that this same thing apparently happened a few years back with the same person doing the poisoning. Nothing will be done, its survival of the fittest for dogs around here anyway, but the owners at least have the satisfaction of knowing who did the dirty deed.

This isn’t good news for dog lovers living around here!

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