Some Samples of Dozer’s Writing in Thai

I’ve been at learning the Thai language for a while. Besides obvious uses applicable to those of you living here I consider it a hobby of mine. It is real handy with respect to real estate projects, having someone translate for you isn’t the nearly the same, as I’ve come to find out.

After studying in Bangkok for a while, specifically for the department of education P6 test, I did indeed take the test (given once a year) in December of 2003 and was one of 100 or more Expats that passed. It is a pass/fail exam, but they will tell you your percentage if you ask them (when you go to get the certificate). My percentage was 60%, 50% is required to pass the exam. There are 5 parts to the test, reading comprehension, dictation, essay writing, letter writing and reading out loud. I was happy with the score I received on the test, no one gets 100%, 70% is not attained by many.

What I found after the test and after I stopped studying is that I would forget how to write. When I got in a situation where I needed to write in Thai, which admittedly wasn’t very often, it would take me a while to switch gears and get in writing mode. So I started spending about 20 minutes a day to write either a short essay or daily jounal. Normally my routine is I work out then sit down and write a bit of Thai, which I like, clears my mind and somehow it just feels ‘neat’ to write in a different character set. It is like somehow unlocking the mystery of some ancient civilization or something.

Most of the essays go forever more uncorrected, ergo there will be plenty of mistakes that I probably make over and over again. Mrs. Dozer helps with questions sometimes and I was going to a teacher for a while, but just too time consuming. It did occur to me that I might post some samples of these writings, in the off chance that any one wants to correct and or comment that would be appreciated. One thing for sure is that I cannot read handwritten text by Thai people (seems the handwriting isn’t clear). I’ve been told I have pretty good handwriting, but it is probably getting worse over time. I wonder if these can even be made out OK, or not.


A story about buying dog food in the Tesco.

image essay0506dogfood.jpg
image essay0506dogfood2.jpg


Thoughts on the current drought.

image essay0506drought.jpg
image essay0506drought2.jpg


My exercise routine.

image essay0506excercise.jpg
image essay0506excercise2.jpg


This is one I did a couple of years ago when studying for the P6 exam, for a sample between then and now.

image essay0308pollution.jpg
image essay0308pollution2.jpg

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  1. I pick up a little every time I visit, but then promptly forget most of it when I return to the USA. The good news is that the next time I return I pick it up a lot quicker. My wife (thai) of 18 years plan on retiring to Thailand in a few years after our son graduates High school. My goal is to learn to understand and speak Thai, and I will probably attend some sort of formal class for expats. Very impressive that you can write in the language.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes it would be difficult if going back and forth. Just a note, I no longer practice writing daily, but can still write OK. It is more difficult than reading though, easier to forget.

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