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Coolest ride on the block

have the coolest ride on the block, new for about 250,000 baht

image rt02image002.jpg*from Robin T* Everyone should have one of these locally made farmer’s truck powered by an 11hp Kubota diesel as used in mechanical ploughs. It does 60 mpg and can carry an astonishing 3 tonne payload. 0-100km/h *never*!

>editor: What a great idea. Not only the classiest ride on the block, but also a great way to haul construction material around. I may be checking this out soon…..

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  1. anyone wants one, I cant supply namesof makers up country khorat
    However, you should check with the local serve and collect agents whether these are allowed in the area, I have a feeling they are prohibited in certain areas, but dont know the detials

    I had a design for making one look like a vintage car (chitty bang bang job. I also fancied replacing my standard pickup truck rear end with a woody version looking like the above (on my Isuzu cab truck)

    Labour and cost would be half the pattaya prices, and no rip off.

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