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Continuing Road Story

image dsc20214.jpgThis is the continuing saga of the poorly done road. I must comment however, it is 100% better now since the road stone was put done. The situation has gone from ‘total suckage’ to semi-suck. That stone can work miracles. What do I mean by that? — even for a road which often times sits in water — it never gets soft or muddy. The water just slowly seeps out into the road sub strata.

Note; this is a continuing story. To read from the beginning go to [the coolthaihouse road story](../coolroad.htm “road story”).

image dsc20332.jpgHere is a close-up of the wonder stone (hin kuk), which runs about 3,500 baht for a full load (10 wheeler).

We recently had a home owners’ meeting and discussed laying concrete on the road. This will happen in time, it is just a matter of ironing out the details.

The slope of the road is really screwed up since the ‘too low house’ builder came in a bulldozed the road. Now the road is kind of a elongated ‘u’ shape, and the water run-off is towards the road in front.

image dsc20215.jpgTo give some perspective, this is the back of the road which is adjacent to the cool thai house. This shows that during a heavy rain, there is some water run-off here.

image dsc20214.jpg image dsc20217.jpgThese shots show the road looking from the cool thai house up to the end of the block. Here where I’m standing, the water is running away from me towards the front of the road. The water flow will run down the road and drain out through an empty lot in front of the ‘too low’ houses (on the left side of the road).

image dsc20220.jpg image dsc20221.jpgNow, moving up the road to the low houses on the left, the situation has not been helped at all by bulldozing the road (as was done about a month ago in an effort to solve the house elevation problem). This shows water runoff into the property of this unfortunate house during the rain.

image dsc20223.jpgThis shot shows the front part of the road. The water drains off on the left side of the road right in front of the while gate.

Here is a movie of the road during a heavy rain downpour towards the end of September, 2004. This neat little clip gives you idea of how it is when it rains around here. –> [road during bad rain](attachments/roadstoryroadinrain.wmv “the entry road during a downpour”).

If there is a point to the story; to summarize, it would be this. The least little detail can bite you in a Thai building project. Never build a house without enough fill dirt. The situation today (with respect to the road) is actually OK, and the outlook it positive.

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  1. Hi Dozer
    Why not advise “too low house” to make a kind of a moat rather than flouting the laws of physics.

    Maximum down pour is 2″ per hour for 2 hours, so work out the required flood volume to be accomodated. In the dry part of the day the moat can be pumped out slowly to a suitable drainiage point. when it pours down, there is enough capacity to absorb the flow without general flooding

    you can dig a “meung” with a small excavator for around 5000
    plant flowers, trees, fish whatever to make is a garden feature
    then make a small sump at one end out of sight and bobs you uncle. of course you only want to deal with water in your own plot so a small dyke may be needed to keep out road water for example. much better than all that questionable push dirt from one place to another. you can always store the water in concrete jars for free garden irrigation, turn your disaster into a blessing

  2. As far as Mr. 2low, he suffers from ‘I’m a professional developer’itis – and therefore has trouble listening to others recommendations. If this wasn’t the case he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation in the first place.

    Anything is better than pushing dirt around in a haphazard manner – agreed. I think a good solution would be to sink some drainage at the road and run it down to the end of the road. Have drainage gutters which are lower than the base of the house (kind of like the moat idea). This would then probably solve the problem.

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