Work Shack Ville

image dsc20195.jpgWhere do all those legions of construction workers that arrive from Isan (North East Thailand) stay? Worker shacks constructed from galvanized aluminum, form wood flooring, eucalyptus wood and anything else handy.

image dsc20211.jpgThe life of the typical construction worker isn’t glamorous. The idea is that basically all expenses are provided during the time the worker will be ‘on contract’. They arrive all over Pattaya and there are many mini ‘shack villes’ all over town. Normally the workers work from 8 AM to 5 or 6 PM with an hour off for lunch. The shack villes normally sport TVs, electrical and running water outside.

image dsc20298.jpgThe shacks will often have raised flooring to keep it dry and keep the bugs out. The first task of the workers is typically to construct the shack they will stay in. They normally go up in one day or less.

image dsc20300.jpg image dsc20299.jpgAn outhouse constructed from galvanized with a squatter inside. All shack villes will have running water outside. The workers can shower outside quite effectively using a robe for privacy.

image DSC01140.JPGAfter the project is over the workers return to their homes up-country. If they have saved all their money, they will have a nest egg that they can use to improve their house or buy a piece of land.

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