What to do about dog problems?

*from Dick*Dozer, I bought a home in Chiang Mai in a nice subdivision for around 2.5 mil baht. The only problem is we have these F’n dogs around here that start barking at around 5:30 AM every day. They wake me and the wife up and are beginning to get on my nerves The construction of my house is the same as yours. Tile Roof with metal beams. I’ve been up in the attic and one of the things I noticed is that there isn’t any insulation. What I’m wondering is if I could put some insulation up there that would help damper the outside sound. I’ve already put in new double paned aluminum windows that has helped.

Do you know if they sell insulation here that I could put in the attic that wouldn’t be subject to mold or a nest for strange tropical creatures.

>Robin T: IMHO, any thermal insulation is normally lightweight material an is virtually useless against sound. You need mass. double glazing with a 150mm gap between the 2 panes, thick walls, at least cavity construction

>a double door entry system with a vestibule, good tight fitting doors

>for the ceiling you can use sand plugging. this is a layer of dry builders sand approx 50mm deep laid above the ceiling tiles. Use lots of extra wire supports for the suspend ceiling, check to see if you roof can take the extra weight

>once you have encapsulated yourself like this you will need a ventilation system of some sorts to maintain air flow, or it will get stuffy. if you are using ac, then you will get a peculiar smell after a while as a special kind of mould grows in chilled unventilated spaces. you get it in gogo bars sometimes, smells like drains

>As for outside, the only respite is to build a courtyard with 3 m walls, this will help to deflect the sound and give you a private shaded area to sit in safely and undisturbed, its also an area where you can allow children out to play in safety. village dogs can be a hazard to small children, not at all reliable and rarely vaccinated against rabies, i wouldnt take the chance, the dogs are left in the street and generally disowned by villager in the event anyone gets bitten

>as you say its a cheap form of protection against wandering villains but it has its downside

>when i lived in a small town, these streets dogs formed a pack at night and were quite dangerous particularly to unfamiliar smells and people, if one bites you they will all have a go

>it gets worse around mating time when the bitches come on heat, then its fighting from 6pm till 10 pm. the noise is really bad. no one would do anything about it, not even the tessaban

>eventually a thai man on a motorcycle got thrown off by the top dog and bitten, fortunately at 4pm, but he was hopping mad, the dogs all ran away but he complained to the police and a week later the dog catcher had been summoned and they mostly disappeared to be sold off as restaurant meat in the far northeast.

>In my village , i had particular difficulties with dogs com ing into my compound and killing chickens at night, took 18 months to clear that problem

>this do not take any care of dogs in the European sense

>a pal of mine had a bar near sai 3 in the bungalow area. it was on a small crossroads, one day the dog was run over by a speeding motorcyclist and the rider sustained multiple injuries (tried to stick my friend for damages cos the dog was outside his bar – called the police, death threats for a while.

>anyway the dog didn’t fare well either, as its back was broken and it lay in the gutter across from the bar and howled pitifully. this went on for 4 days and nights, no one would touch the dog and my pal didn’t dare go near it in case he was dumped with its ownership

>it was a nightmare and scared away his customers for a week

>moral, if you got a dog problem, make provisions and defenses, cos it wont go away and will cause you constant annoyance.

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  1. comment added for Carlyn: I know what you mean about barking dogs all night long, all day long, all the time!!!

    I’m a little leary about putting sand in the ceiling, especially on those flimsy suspended ceilings. I have one in my condo and I get charcoal dust through it and in the “skylight” from the charcoal burners here; can’t imagine what would happen with sand. The one I saw installed had just a few flimsy wires holding it up and I know my condo ceiling is the same way.

    If the states when they want to sound proof a room they put insulation between two walls—the trick is that the insulation CAN NOT touch either wall or the sound just reverberates (sp). I suppose you could try to figure out a way to suspend some type of insulation over the ceiling, but in my opinion a gyp board ceiling with insulation is better. At least it would help keep the cool in and the heat out. Even with a good ceiling you’ll probably still get noise with the thin walls they build here and no insulation at all. Have to agree with Mr. T there. – Carlyn

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