Subdivision corner cutters

I just love to talk and listen to Thai construction workers. They are really plugged into some interesting stories.

A lot of times the workers are fairly skilled and enjoy doing good work. But they understand when the boss, the subcontractor, wants to skim some profits. How does it work? The subcontractor goes in and puts in a fixed price bid to do a house or several houses. The case in point is a big subdivision around here. Then he needs to ‘extract’ some extra money. How does he do it? He corner cuts his way around things.

Let me be the first to say, in the subdivision I’m talking about — you won’t be able to see it. The workers would prefer to do things right — but they understand — everyone’s got to eat. So the job is kludged up……

You will have a hard time seeing where the short shifting has occurred by doing an after the fact property inspection. These alterations are skillfully done. For self projection remember this easy phrase: Come On-site Nearly Daily Usually More (condum)

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  1. Yes, my contractor is a sneaky bastard. He was ready to finish the job in two days and by chance I had a friend in the biz come and inspect the place. He pointed out major errors in the construction. From concrete work to wall siding.

    For me to fire the guy outright would have ended costing me alot. So last week, I finally had a brain storm and had my lawyer draw up a contract where by in order for the final payment to be delivered, he must rectify everything within 2 weeks. If he fails to abide by the agreement, I can legally ask him for my money back. (Fat chance, but why not…he signed the paper! It was a great moment, my contractor sandwiched in between two legal professionals a 3rd party contractor pointing out the shoddy work and me in the corner just smiling.

    If anyone needs a good lawyer…and I say this because without one …life and or business in this country can be extremely difficult. Laymen respect the authority and power of lawyers if nothing else. And if you have a contract drawn up by a lawyer…you wield alot of power.

  2. Very sound advice Peter

    of course, how do you find a good lawyer. In pattaya , most of them have an extremely dubious reputation.

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