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Robin T-Great Multi House Project Idea

image gardencourt2.jpgWhen I worked in the middle east, we expats were billeted in a development called a Garden Court. I enclose some piccies showing the concept The essence was as follows

High security, an enclosed court only available to residents Good communal facilities, yet sufficient private space Own enclosed courtyard with gate to communal areas.
Good communal maintenance and resident handyman/security guard Large pool with childproof fence and children’s play area Rainwater harvesting, storage and purification system to provide communal water Waste water treatment, used for irrigation of lawns and plants Reception/office and community centre, with minimart, workshop, laundry and maids quarters High quality construction/ excellent sound and thermal insulation Emergency generator for lighting loads (1kW per house) Water supplied by pressurized tank system (no ugly expensive water tower) No high rise problems (lifts breaking down), noise transmission through the structure, sterile hallways and lift areas and security problems No nasty communal road to endure (no cats or dogs allowed in the court) All outside building maintenance undertaken by management company There is only one large access gate by the minimart, normally locked by security.
The minimart can be accessed by residents from the pool area through a security door. The minimart can also serve outside customers but they cannot access the pool area.
Our community hall had a function room and indoor driving range machine and a small gym The pool also had shower and some changing rooms nearby.
There was a small bar area for parties.
The management company organized the maid service and any additional labor required The management company was governed by rules that regulated community charges at a fixed percentage. It worked well

I lived very happily in one of these Courts (there were a dozen or so in the vicinity).
There was a great community atmosphere yet you could remain private as you wished. It was also very quiet, hardly knew my neighbors were in

A great security advantage over individual houses on plots

Of course the villa design needs altering to suit thai conditions My sketch doesn’t do justice to the landscape garden around the pool, it was very tasteful The BBQ area also was very pleasant particularly on a Friday afternoon when residents would gather round for a communal BBQ and a wee swallie


image villacomplete.jpgOutside kitchen area for frying
Laundry room
Downstairs Hong Nam
Tiled floors
Infrared security cameras around the perimeter More storage cupboards Walk-in closets A jogging track Internal telephone facility

image villa.jpgThe Design I showed comprises 40 houses (easily extendable to 52 for a condo

The basic floor area is 48m2 x 2

The plot area is 125m x 150m = 18,750m2
Which is approx 12 rai
This give each house 0.3 rai

So costs

Land 12,000,000
villa each 500,000
40 off 20,000,000
communal facilities 5,000,000

Total 37,000,000
contingencies 3,000,000

Grand total 40,000,000

Sell each for 3 million

Total sales 120,000,000

I rest my case

Anyone interested?

>editor: a great idea. I salute anyone who bothers to design projects in anyway other than ‘divide and conquer’ (ie. cram the most number of houses per square meter possible). On land cost: this is doable, but would put the project at the outside edge of what is considered good land for projects like this. Better (closer) land for multi unit development would be more like 2.5 m per rai. Math: It seems a bit optimistic on the cost vs sales price. While multi unit seems to be the place to be 3m per unit might be pushing it. Also on the cost 500,000 might be a bit low.

>Robin: I really like this layout software you use. I need to play with it when I get time. I can see it would be of great benefit in a home construction project. ref [Robins write-up]( http://coolthaihouse.com/blog/index.php?p=48 “robin’s write-up”).

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  1. Hi Dozer
    Yes I agree my math is suspect just now, but consider what you get for 3m, not some isolated box in a high rise condo

    One of the problems with individual housing is what happens when you are away for a while? can you lock it up an leave it for 3 months say. very difficult, especially in pappaya
    The garden will over grow or die off and the place will quickly have that neglected look (been there, done that). So that is a big plus point for the garden court. The second one is a matter of space. You are on the ground, no one above you and you hardly notice anyone either side. Ive always felt uneasy about the sterile areas in highrise condos, specially in the early hours. You can see evidence of attempted burglary by the size of reinforced doors and security grills that some residents fit. you also have the lift area. my wife hated using the lift alone at night. Who needs that

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