Natural Wood Theme Bangkok House

front of house
*submitted by Peter M*
Well it took a while but here is the first batch of pictures for my house. I hope things are going well with the column. My energies late has been devoted to reigniting my biz which took a big downfall after putting so much ENERGY and ATTENTION in my house (located in Bangkok). Definitely, I could write a book of how to get it done in thailand. If you don’t have a contractor and your building from scratch….pay someone to oversee your job. I did it all myself…got obsessed by it and lost many valuable opportunities for my biz.
Now I have a great house, my wife and family are EXTREMELY happy about the transition (the neighbours are great, location great, value of the house great). But its been a battle to go back up hill. Only now, almost a 10 months later am I starting to get back on my feet financially.

In the end, yeah, I’d say it was worth it. But for the amount I spent…the extra 12,000 baht per month to have someone oversee the job and buy the material would have SAVED me TIME, ENERGY and POTENTIAL INCOME.

Oh yeah, the other thing was the last 10k plus investment of late that was for piece of mind…..I invested in a heavy duty SAFE. Now I can leave my house for dinners, shopping and what not and know that all my camera gear (that’s alot of what I do) is safe and sound.
I’ll send more pix when I get some time.
image pmhighangle.jpg
image pmnewlocation.jpg
image pmsideofent.jpg
image pmunderbalc.jpg

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  1. Hi Peter: Thanks a bunch for sending along the pictures and update. I really like the look of the finished product and would like to see more pics if you have them. I like the way you built the house in a natural style. Good use of wood and nice garden!

  2. Cool house! (cool Thai house). Thanks for posting the nice photos. If you ever post any interior photos it would be fun to see too.
    Good luck!

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