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Beware Eminent Domain

pic of too good a houseOur Thai friend has been looking for an affordable house for a while. While I thought something fairly close to Pattaya was cheap if it was around 1 million baht, I have learned there is a whole lot of houses cheaper than that around. However, you must be careful when looking at something that seems like it would cost more to build than the asking price.

So our friend excitedly got Ms. Dozer to go look at the house to see what she thought. Exactly how much is it and how close is it to Pattaya? It was 350,000 baht and in a reasonable location (read: land value of about 350,000, house for free). Not having time to take the journey myself I told Ms. Dozer….. ‘take the camera, I want to see this’.

When she got back she said ‘Wow. The house was nice (for the price), but the city had run drainage on the other side of it as it sits between the current road and the drainage we looked around a bit. Yes indeed it looks like the city is in the process of doing a road project and that house will be toast’.

The pending case of Eminent Domain, houses to avoid, and the way it was on September 27th, 2009.drainage row on the other side

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