laying granito tiles
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Tiling GRANITO Tiles

laying granito tiles
laying granito tiles

This was a video I recently (about a year ago) made of our favorite tiler laying down granito tiles. ‘How to correctly lay granito tiles’ has become a favorite topic of mine ever since we had village tilers built a house for us, and do it the wrong way. If you ask someone who claims to be a tilerif they can lay granite flooring, they will tell you no. But if you ask them if they can lay the heavy 60cm by 60cm granito tiles they will say yes! But in actual fact the two are laid the same way. The reason for the confusion is this: normally most village tilers have never laid granito, they don’t realize they don’t know how to do it because after all: it is still tile!

Granito tiles weigh about 7.5 kg each. Trying to do a wet mix process that works on lighter tiles is problematic. First off the tile settles making a smooth surface difficult. In addition the grout line fills with wet mix. If you have a quick look at the video you will see the process involves:

  • laying down a dry mix
  • placing the tile into shape
  • picking up the tile and applying a slurry mix to it
  • replacing the tile into its final position.

One note; the tiles are done many per cycle, not like in the video. Also in the video the tiler goes slower than normal because the camera is running. Once I saw how they actually do lay the tiles, I thought to myself ‘that is the same way they lay down granite, no wonder most tilers don’t know how to do it’.

Good test if you are getting a tiler: Ask him to describe how they will lay granito tiles. Oh, and another point, I have had granito tiles laid the WRONG WAY also. Even when using a wet mix you can still achieve 90% result that is acceptable, but it is a messy and uncertain process and you must have a very skilled tiler doing it even to get to the 90%!

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This was done on the coolthaihouse project #2

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  1. Yes, the hazard is the wetter it is and the heavier the tiles are there is some chance of settling. I had a granito floor done with a wet mix before and it actually turned out pretty good considering, but it was actually a lot more work than it should have been and still not perfect. Keep in mind that the normal tiles are always done with a wet mix because it is quicker and fine for lighter tiles, and most tilers are not familiar with laying heavy tiles. To double check the actual correct method you could always seek out an actual granite or marble floor layer and ask what their method is…. is will almost always be the one shown in the vid……

  2. Large tiles definitely work better in a thick sand bed. Unfortunately it is not a job for beginners. Stick to the 30cm tiles in thinset.

    These tiles tend to warp a little and the matrix does not adhere to the cement as well as the regular ceramic or stone. A latex add-mix in back coat mortar will help.

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