Garbage Problem

image img_0065.jpgRecently I spotted a farang dumping garbage by the side of the road in one of those quick ‘hope no body is watching’ moves. While there is always refuse problems in developing countries I would pretty much think that Expats that come to live or visit here wouldn’t and shouldn’t contribute to this problem. I was driving by and didn’t have time to stop, or maybe I would have pulled over and whacked that guy on the side of the head

Sometimes though the rules do seem a little bit blurry on where it is OK to throw some garbage and where it isn’t. I may be wrong on some of these, so feel free to post comments! If you are lucky enough to have garbage service to your house that may indeed solve most of your problems. The last time I had paid garbage service, they only came to collect money (the monthly charge) but never came to collect the garbage!

image dsc21512.jpgOften, if there is a big section of land which needs to be filled in, the owner will ‘open’ or ‘authorize’ dumping. There are no signs, but everyone in the area will know it is OK to dump there. What they are going for is construction debris, not fresh garbage. This is a good place to dump dry garbage.

image img_0046.jpgMost of the areas you see where there has been dumping going on are obviously not OK to add to the mess. There is a culvert around our house where locals dump stuff. I think most of these type of sites are pretty obviously not spots to dump garbage. Some spots like this just kind of spring up. Someone dumps some stuff there and then others think, OK a site I can get away with dumping stuff!

There is a local dump in East Pattaya, but it is reserved for garbage companies, not the general public. Still, a couple of times I’ve gone in there and given the guy some money and unloaded some stuff. It is OK to put refuse in the government supplied bins on Sukhumvit road, although not a good idea to always use the same ones as the locals pay a subscription.

There are some moves to try to get to improve the situation in Pattaya, such as public service ads, which attempt to get people to take pride in the area and not dump garbage wherever it might be convenient. It is one of those problems in the top three list.

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