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Forum Electric Topic – Out of Control

Things got a little out of hand there over in the forum electrical topic. I personally appreciate that a topic is generating a lot of feedback but when 80% starts getting into off topic jabs and personal attacks going back and forth it eventually will wreck the concept for someone trying to wring any information out.

The other thing I might take a minute and point out. I really appreciate Itchy taking the time to post his informational tutorials. This is great for learning the concepts behind electrical.

If building in the LOS in general you have two avenues: ‘ignorance is bliss’ or ‘try to learn as much as you can’. I’ve seen a lot of the ignorance is bliss folks and for the most part it turns out OK. I mean sure they buy houses with roof leaks, electric wire not run through conduit in the ceiling, inadequately poured foundation columns, house built with cheap cement, etc. etc. In all these cases though (that I personally know of) so far the houses are still standing, the ignorance is bliss folks have a roof over there head and life goes on. Of course ‘ignorance is bliss’ is a bad policy with regards to electric. You don’t want to be one of the unlucky 1 out of 1000 to fall victim to bad electrical practices.

Once we move out of the ignorance is bliss zone it is nice to have some basic knowledge of what to expect in the building process. That was the original thought behind the site. As we go I’m seeing lots of things and learning lot of things and changing my ideas about how I will build the next house (eventually). Does that mean that we that have a little knowledge on the subject are dangerous? I don’t think so. I doubt many of us would read Itchy’s tutorials and decide, gee I don’t need an electrician, I’m going to do it myself. That is a pretty far fetched fear that I doubt will ever materialize.

One of the unfortunate things about folks wanting to have a house built is that none of us will be experts on each and every facet of home building. We are going to be relying a lot on the contractors and workman. Of course getting a good general contractor is a very important step.

For here however, we know that we need to have a pretty good knowledge of how things should proceed and be on site everyday to monitor progress.

If you wanted to apply the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ I would most aptly put it on so called building experts from other countries to come here with no knowledge of building in Thailand and try to force everything just as they think it should go. It normally turns out badly.

So let’s recap by hoping that ‘a little knowledge’ is in fact not a dangerous thing and that we all have many happy building days ahead of us!

As you can I have a volunteer moderating the electrical topic. What makes a good moderator vs. a bad moderator? First off, strangely enough, a moderator doesn’t need to have any knowledge of the subject at hand. His job is primarily to edit/delete flames or off topic comments. What a headache it would be if the task was to read each post and decide what was fact or fiction and edit accordingly. That would be a mega-job that nobody would want. What can a moderator do wrong? Inject his/her own bias into the topic.

Happy foruming!

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