Big Budget House

image img_0487.jpgHere is a very unique design of a farang house built to conserve cash. The idea is eventually there will be roll-up doors (like the type used on shop houses) where you see the openings. Therefore the house will be ‘open air’. The house is built of red brick, poured foundation columns and synthetic roof sheeting.

One other aspect is the house is being built using day labor to reduce costs. Luckily the day laborers in this case are pretty good.

The size of the house is 440 square meters and the total budget is 880,000 baht. The house is in the Pattaya, Thailand area.

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  1. 440 sq m….wow…big house. How far apart are the main support columns spaced? Is there perhaps a floor plan that you could post?

  2. I only took a cursory look. The overall dimensions are 15 meter square (225 square meters per floor). I don’t have a floor plan. The support columns were placed about 5 meters apart I think.

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