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image housegifgrn.jpgSometimes no option seems like a very good one. High rents around here (Pattaya, Thailand) and crappy rental houses finally induced me to build a house. I liked the idea of being able to live good, rent free — and someday being able to sell for more than it cost me. So me and my ever so helpful Thai wife of many years set out to do just that! I’d seen enough to know that what I didn’t want was some boxy Condo or poorly constructed house. So I figured I would check and double check everything and record the process as I went. At that is cool thai house. It’s not the perfect house, but the process wasn’t about perfection — it was about ‘nice’ and ‘solid’.

Also, I figured I would add in stuff that I wish I would have known going into the process, simple stuff, stuff that is easy to find out, but there is so much of it. Building material options, water setups, materials for roofing and on and on infinitum. So I compiled the simplest stuff and put in into the info section. Thanks to my friend Digger for some of the write-ups and information dumps. He has more building experience than I and is a constant source of info.

And the thing that finally convinced me that it was worthwhile to do the site is: As I learned a bit from doing this house and also from talking with friends who have been through the process, I saw a lot of unfortunate building practices — and really started to notice them. Now, it isn’t ever single builder out there, but enough of them that it started to irritate me. Call it a pet peave, I don’t like the builder that saves 500 Baht today which will later cost the eventual owner 50,000 in repairs. (see corner-cutters).

About the future, I’d like to hear your story. Even if it is a non-story, such as: ‘I bought a house for xxx Baht and have had no problems with it’ or more drastic ‘I bought a house when I was overseas and found out when I got back that…….’. Whatever your expat experience with real estate has been here send it and I’ll post it to the blog.

Thanks for stopping to take a look — Dozer, the editor

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