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2 story project in Naaklua

raw land Naa Glua

*From David S* We have finally bought some land in Naklua (Pattaya, Thailand area), approximately 200TW, just off Soi xx in Naklua, After contacting several real estate agents and not finding what we wanted we eventually, or rather my wife asked a few of her friends to see what they could come up with. We went to see 4 pieces of land and decided on the one we have bought.
It is slightly on a slope and will need some infill before building, and also three large trees will have to be removed.

image ds007.jpgI have drawn up some preliminary plans and have passed them over to one of the architects at city hall and he will put the final touches and translate into Thai. He is also at the same time putting in our building permit request, and that should be ready by the beginning of November, of course this is being done with a little bit of easement money. The site boundary markers were put in within a week as part of the overall permit package.

I must say that without the help of my wife’s Thai contacts this would not have been so easy, because most of the people we have dealt with do not speak English.

I have also lodged the initial drawings with a builder (Pool and House) on third road as they have also been recommended by people in the know, and the boss does speak good English.

image dsgndflr.jpgI’ve attached a couple of photos of the site and a copy of my preliminary drawings, but you will need AutoCad to open the drawings. You may add this to you web site if you think it will be of interest, and I will write more reports as the project progresses.

One last point I should make is that we intend to take a mortgage or bank loan for the construction. When we approached the bank they told my wife that we would need clear title to the land and a building permit before considering loaning money for the project, although we have the collateral and the earnings for our business, which is more than adequate to cover the amount we wish to borrow. If you know of any alternative finance possibilities I would be glad to hear from you.
I will write again, once we have negotiated the contract price.
I will try again to attach my sketch drawings in AutoCad format, and will certainly update you as things progress. We should receive our building permit later this week, complete with the finished “Thai” version of the drawings. The process of getting the drawings done, registering for the address book, site survey and obtaining the building permit, all within 3 weeks will cost us in the region of 40,000 Bht, “how much of that is under the table hasn’t been mentioned”, otherwise it could have taken 3-4 months.
>As far as taking a mortgage, I can’t be of much help. Mostly I’ve heard it is very difficult dealing with banks here. A buddy of mine was in much the same situation, and finally just gave up due to the ‘hassle’ factor. However, one difference in your situation is your local income source (business) which may indeed make it easier. Let us know how it goes.

>Normally bathrooms here are designed so as to contain an outside wall. The plumbing is normally encased within the concrete floor and this reduces the overall distance involved, plus there are occasionally odor problems.

>Sounds like a job well done on finding the particular piece of real estate via word of mouth. I like the way you approached this aspect of the project. You targeted a specific area and got to know it well before making the actual purchase.

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