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Thai Son to Build House

Gotcha. Thx for quick reply. Looking at building house in Krabi area. My son is Thai s no problem with ownership, etc. Your website is excellent and I have spent the entire morning reading everything. I will have my boy read over your stuff as it is a primer for building. He has a team of workers and does small jobs. My house would be over his (their) head/s. If you get down this way (Ao-Namg) check out his restaurant ” ” Real traditional Thai.

We live full-time in Bangkok.



  1. I should have added that the house will be sited on 3 rai of land. Surrounded on one side with mature rubber trees, the rear is a somewhat new rubber tree plantation, or will be, the front faces a secondary (right!) road that is partially “tarred” but lots of land seems to be under development or soon to be in and around the property. There is a well on the property, electrical poles and city water right off the main road. Back view provides a few cliffs, coconut trees, mango, tamarine, Thai limes, and some other stuff that I haven’t id’ed yet. Oh yeah, there is a small house on the property that goes with it. Haven’t been inside of it yet but it is fairly well constructed and roomy.

  2. By the way for anyone dropping in…….Dozer’s website is mandatory reading for anyone building in Thailand. Take your time, grab a six-pax, some kao phaat gai and absorb “Lessons’s Learned”


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