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Reader Dan to build a house

from Reader Dan

have been searching the web for quite a while looking for advice and experiences on building a house in Thailand. It’s been my wife(who is Thai) and i’s dream to build a house for when we get a little older. I’m fairly realistic. I’m 30, my wife 23 and we have a baby of 20 months. We live in England. We’re looking to build a house to go for long holidays and eventually retire to. A long way off but we as i say are realistic in the sense that we’re not going to pack up and go when we still need to plan financially for the future.

Anyway enough about us. Your site is excellent. Everything i could possibly want for help, advice, tips etc. It’s added to my favorites. My wife comes from nr Nong khai but her village is about a 2 hours drive from their. So Nong Khai seems a nice area. We liked all of your photo’s showing the stages. I have lived in Thailand for a while and have seen a lot of construction. I found the concrete pillars quite interesting. Anyway, great site and keep up the good work.

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