Hi guys.

A blurb about who you are an your interest in Thai real estate.

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Hi guys.

Postby PureMeat » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:10 am

Hi all,

my name is Marcus, coming from Germany.

My mother in law died several years ago so my Thai wife and I inherited a nice house in Buri Ram, Ampoe Muang.

It is single story, 5 1/2 rooms, 2 bathrooms.

As we spend 1-2 months per year here, we are slowly retrofitting parts of the existing installations.

My current plans:

- ceiling (the reason for my registration, I will open a threat for this topic)
- cleaning of windows from the outside (some joker put in front of every window - actually really nice looking - decoration bars from metal, which make it almost impossible to clean the windows with anything besides a hose from outside... so you have always marks after cleaning :-)
- new bathroom #1
- add electrical grounding for kitchen area
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