New Project Nakhon Sawan

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New Project Nakhon Sawan

Postby xerostar » Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:16 am

We plan to build near Lat Yao (in Nakhon Sawan) not near "the Prison"!
We purchased 10 Rai recently.

I got some ideas from home decorating sites on the web, so it's not far past
the "dreaming" stage.
I've made some drawings and I will include them here for comment.
Everyone we have spoken to in Oz are keen to "come and visit" when the house is completed.

Knowing the sort of house that most Thais build in the area I could not imagine
anyone staying too long. They are very hot and uncomfortable.
My room was airconned but it was still too hot and noisy, being near a main road.
The walls were still hot way after midnight.

So my plans have evolved around making the place an "oasis" where guests
would feel at ease and have the feeling of being in a 5-star resort.

This led me to the thought that we could make a "bed & breakfast" style motel
where travellers could stay for a while during their car-tour of thailand.

This would require another location near a main road, but that's not a concern at this stage.
There is plenty of land in these parts.

Basically my design has a central pool area surrounded on 3 sides by 6 bedroom/bathroom units.
The fourth side at the front contains a living room, kitchen, dining room, cinema and laundry.
On the other side is a large garage-workshop.
A cellar would provide cool storage.
The upper floor would contain the master bedroom/bathroom and offices.
The entrance would contain an airlock and this would be repeated at the pool entry/exit
so that the living room/dining area could be kept reasonably cool.
The pool area would have a "roof frame" covered in shade-cloth/fly screen to keep out strong sunlight
as well as providing an insect/bug barrier.
Nothing spoils a swim more than milliards of mosquitoes or bugs floating in
the water.

I expect most readers will exclaim "this will cost a fortune!" However
it would provide a life-long income for my Thai family as well as being a
pleasant retirement environment for myself. The benefits would come in the form a constant flow
of interesting and hopefully mainly paying guests that would relieve
my urge to have an intelligent English conversation whenever it took my fancy.
No doubt other expats and my family would find it a comfortable centre for socialising.

I've been reading a lot about efficient building design and the use of insulation.
Colorbond steel roofing seems to be the sensible choice.
Double cavity brick with polystyrene insulation would also be my choice together with double glazing
for any outside windows.

A security wall would surround the complex on 3 sides.
The green areas on the plan would be planted heavily with suitable palms
and other greenery.

If there are any happy number-crunchers out there,
I'd be interested in some feedback on possible building costs to compare
with my own calculations.

See these photos that inspired my design:

Below are some of my drawings:
I envisage this arch design between the pool and the covered walkway.
Pool_Surround_Arches_Small.jpg (8.05 KiB) Viewed 1777 times
Apparently these is the ideal dimensions for stairs.
See full size Image:
This diagram enabled me to see just how extensive the electrical system would be.
See full size Image:
The plan is only schematic.
The final layout of each room still needs detailed planning.
See full size Image:
This gives some idea of proportions.
See full size Image:
We would need a driveway like this to handle the traffic in a logical manner, although further plans would see parking on the outer perimeter (in the Motel version)
See full size Image:
The design is simple. I like the balanced look.
See full size Image:
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design of project

Postby dozer » Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:56 pm

Looks like a nice design. I like the concept of making a nice big central area to look into, it is commonly used in hotels and works well for houses also.

Costs will vary a lot, expensive items are the pool and of course the building cost will vary a lot depending on flooring, window sizes etc.

I would hazard a guess at labor for the building will run about 1800 per square meter if you decide to do a labor only contract. For larger projects some contractors don't like to do labor only because it is harder to skim profits from a labor only arrangement.

Good luck on the project and post some pictures in the forum gallery.
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Re: New Project Nakhon Sawan

Postby cnxtreme » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:43 pm

Looks nice!!!

Also, as Nakhon Sawan is usually the spot where I fall asleep when driving to Bangkok or Pattaya from Chiang Mai, you couldn't have picked a better location. (though Kamphaeng Phet would do, too)

One thing though: A basement? I don't think that's very common in Thailand? You'd better make sure your area doesn't flood and that the ground water level is okay for having a basement?

Then again perhaps basements are merely unpopular in this country because they add cost for something that isn't visible on the outside. :) They'd rather add an extra floor, probably. :)

And, with this layout you don't get much of a breeze into the central area. How about raising the whole thing (or at least, the direction where the breeze is most often coming from) on poles for a more 'Thai' design that allows better airflow?
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Postby BIGJIMMY » Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:28 pm

If you build it they will come!!

I often visit a mate up in Nakhon Sawan and me and the Mrs would love to stay at your place!!
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