New build in Town/City areas

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New build in Town/City areas

Postby rubik101 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:37 pm

My Thai wife's family lives close to the centre of Bangsean. I am hoping to retire in a few years to the LOS and live in a country setting. I notice that around the local area, there are lots of vacant plots in the many sois close by. Many of these sites have become dumping grounds and spoil the locality. Has anyone built on such plots elsewhere?
I would be interested in the financial returns on such a project. It seems to me that, over the next few years, I could develop three or four sites close by and improve the whole area. I know a lot of these plots belong to folk in Bangkok and are used as collaterall/investment and are reluctant to sell.
Is there a land register or agents who I can contact to find out if any are available for sale?
Any info would be welcome.
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Postby dozer » Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:26 pm

The Thais will often encourage dumping of construction waste on their property as a way of raising the ground level. After the dumping is complete they then bring in a layer of ground fill. Normally there will be a sign one way or another 'don't dump' or 'dump your construction debree here' in Thai.

I personally would try to avoid any kind of construction debree on the building site. It is normally larger pieces (ie tile, roofing, etc.) which may settle irregularly and is not nice to have in garden areas etc.

It is something to watch for even if you start with a pristine site, as workers will as a matter of habit just spread out the debree in a hap hazard way all around the plot.
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