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Phony ATM reader

image atmphonycardreader.jpgI got this rather alarming shot of a phony ATM card reader along with a spy camera mounted in a nearby pamphlet holder from a reader. Just goes to show you can’t really be too careful. This is the real deal as I check it out here. full story phony ATM reader !@—


  1. ok

    valid point

    is there any evidence this has been used in Thailand?

  2. I assumed so since someone had gone to the trouble of translating the text of each of a series of warning photos into Thai. Maybe only precautionary?

  3. There have been a bunch of stories in the Pattaya expat papers, (the Mail and Today) about ATM data being recorded and money later being taken withdrawn, when the acct. owner had the ATM card in his/her possesion. To be on the safe side I’ve been making any withdrawls in uneven amounts so that for sure I can recognize my own withdrawls.

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