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Moto Accident

Motorbikes are only fun as long as you remain seated properly on board. For whatever reason if you should find yourself on the ground and your motorcycle 6 or more feet away from you, you will probably be thinking motorcycles are not that fun after all.

This is the second time I’ve been down off a scooter – this time was with my Honda Dream 125 cc.

By circumstance my wife was and I were both headed back from the Big C, and I had just passed here on a road off of Sukhumvit. I was driving faster than normal a bit, but nothing extravagant, I could see the road was good in front of me and all was fine and dandy.

One second the road was clear and the next second a pair of fighting dogs we in front of me on the road. They were locked together — a fighting mass. The moved randomly and swerved the same direction at the same time I did (trying to avoid them). So…. I crashed right into one of the dogs and was down. I was probably going about 15 km. per hour or more on impact as I slid out about 6 feet from my bike.

My wife saw the whole thing as she was driving right behind me. In this case an act of god, not much I could have done to avoid it. Kind of like being hit by lightening.

I knew right after it wasn’t that serious, but when I got up I was awfully woozy. I had road rash all over. I looked at my knee and it was pretty gashed out. Or friend came to help take the moto home and we headed to the house.

On the way I passed out and when I came to, the wife said I didn’t recognize her or my daughter. Guess I was well out of it as it scared the pants off her. This didn’t really deserve a ‘pass out’, but my whole family is a little squeamish around blood, maybe heredity?

Off to the house where the wife dressed the wounds and then we went to the hospital which I think was good. They redressed the wounds and gave me wifey a medical kit for dressing the wounds. Also some antibiotics, which they tend to hand out like candy here. Called the BUPA insurance folks, since I’m not being admitted to the hospital I need to pay first.

There are so many weird things that can happen around here I think I’m going to cool it on the motorbike for a while — and drive the truck around. Our neighbor told me a story last night about how her sister in law died. She was on the back of a motorcycle with 2 year old baby. Her umbrella (which she used to avoid sunlight), caught wind and inflated. It was rapped around her wrist and it took her and the baby off the bike. She died of a broken neck, the baby was fine.

Moral of the story: motos are fun most of the time, but when their not fun, their REALLY not fun – or – a pair of fighting dogs is unpredictable.

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  1. I’ve had many minor incidents and close calls. I don’t live in Thailand so the obstacles on the roads tend to be a sea of cars with consequences even worse than what you experienced.

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