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Fake Tsunami picture

image tsunamilargewave2.jpgPicture provided by reader Robbie I’m leaving this picture here in case you see it some place else or it is emailed to you. It is a fake, which when I received it I didn’t know. You can read about the fake here. fake tsunami photo. Guess it just shows how good digital photo alteration is.

Original post follows: This is the first picture I’ve seen which shows the relative height of the wave prior to impact. Check out the wave in the upper right hand corner. Truly unbelievable. Double click the picture for enlargement.

!@— update; just in from Robby - Not Phuket and maybe it is a sukoshi suspect. As one friend pointed out is isn’t Phuket and also said that the cars were on the wrong side of the street!! Even so, it is a horrific visual of the potential power of tsunamis given their size and speed, e.g., 500 mph.

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