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In the news; Stalker Engineer Kidnaps Doctor

image badengineer2.jpgThai Newspaper recent multi day headline story around.December 15.

A professional college graduate engineer, 31 years old, named Sarawut Mungkonsisawaat kidnapped a 27 year old female doctor, Panampie Dannapie. She is a radiologist.

The engineer went to the house of the doctor and cut the security metal and entered her house. He wore a ski type cap over his head. He threatened her with a knife and then forced her into a large sack, (like a gunny sack) and carried her to his car to complete the abduction.

This engineer, come to find out, has been obsessed with the doctor since seeing her in a restaurant when he was in 10th grade (high school). Since then he has been bugging her periodically with love letters and phone calls, although in periods when she had a boyfriend he would back off. She never expressed any interest and continually told him to ‘bug off’.

image badengineer.jpgHis purpose in the abduction was, for one, to ask the doctor if, in her opinion, he was ‘nuts’. She had already expressed previously that he was. Also, he wanted to confess his undying love for her.

His personality was one of uncertainty with women and given to quick mood swings. He had never been married or had a lasting relationship. He was obsessed with this doctor and just couldn’t get over it. He was finally about to put the entire episode behind him, but happened upon a Buddhist Monk fortune teller type, who said that the doctor was his ‘soulmate’.

Then upon hearing that the good doctor was without a boyfriend, he put his devious plan into action.

During the abduction, he was at one point going to use force to have his way with her, but was eventually talked out of it. Further, the good doctor was able to further convince him to release her.

Once arrested, the engineer fully confessed and his details of the account matched what the doctor claimed happened. The engineer apologized to the family and the woman in court. He further was taken to the crime scene, the doctor’s house, to further give details of the crime.

The woman’s mother and other relatives requested he not be granted bail. Although his sentence is not in the articles, it is though that is will not be very long since 1.) the doctor wasn’t harmed or molested 2.) he is of good standing in the community and 3.) it is thought that is isn’t crazy.

Note; stories like these are of interest to me since reading the Thai newspaper is a hobby of mine. The information is my interpretation only and there is no special significance to the articles, other than in this case this was in the headlines for about 5 days and reading the Thai papers does give one some perspective on what is happening and what is important here.

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  1. Hi Doze

    Of course the real point her is to emphasize the importance of good security grills, not just simple wire netting

    In houses of VIPs they pay great attention to this aspect (in the Big Mango anyway)

    As a falang, you are in a alien country, and when things go wrong you find out just how alien you are, so IMHO, dont skimp on this one – safety first. Its not so much your neighbours you have to worry about, its more the itinerant labourers (particularly if there is any large building going on around you). You have little idea where these people come from (Burma, Cambodia) and they have nothing to lose.

    Just cos Im paranoid, doesnt make me wrong.

    but having said that, you would have to be very unlucky to get a serious problem – there are far worse places than Thailand for aggravated burglary – try West London – as I did, nasty.

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