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image dsc20772.jpgImage living only a 10 minute drive from the heart of the city, but at home you’re surrounded by pristine jungle. That is how it is – pretty much – at the cool thai house. An incredibly peaceful setting. One problem all over the Pattaya area right now is garbage. It just seems to get dumped here and there and everywhere. Since we are not near a major road right here, the dumping is mostly from the Thai kids which live around here.

The other week there was a dead dog stuffed in a plastic bag and thrown in a tree about 20 meters from my office window. When the odor became too bad we went out and had to take care of it. Not pretty. Then this garbage pile appeared one morning about 15 meters from here. So I went out to pick it up and had Mrs. Dozer go talk to the suspected culprits. They did acknowledge that it was probably their kids, who won’t listen.

Going up to the main road from here there is ad hoc garbage dump springing up. I’m thinking about getting some no dumping signs and posting them around and enlisting the neighbors. There are different priorities here and garbage isn’t high on the list. I can see why people do like gated communities, at least the garbage is outside. But in this situation, even if it was gated, the problem areas are all outside the perimeter of this small village.

I’ve also read in the local press that garbage is a major concern for the entire area – and is slowly being addressed.


  1. Ho hum

    I once (10 years ago) lived in a rented bungalow in Pappaya. An old development of single storey cheap and nasty, cheek by jowl dwellings.

    never mind eh?

    I had found this place at the end of the street and moved in

    Shortly afterwards, nice old (evil) granny from up the road passed by and wished me good morning and also remarked what a dirty house this was.

    (they like to revel in it when someone screws up – particularly a falang)

    she was right of course and I came to know

    a) My house at the corner of the street faced onto undeveloped land, it seemed to catch the wind in such a way that rubbish was always swirled into my front garden area. No amount of sweeping would ever keep it remotely clean – very very dusty.

    b) secondly – on the opposiste side where the undeveloped land lay was the official?? garbage dump with bins. Thais never seem to be able to put garbage into the bins, they just throw bags of rubbish AT the bins. The whole are was an unsightly very smelly mess and plstic rubbish was blown around everywhere (particularly into my front garden)

    I moved out 2 months later (as quickly as I could)





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