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Dog Poisoning

image dsc20640.jpgOne thing around here is almost everyone has a dog. There are many kinds of dog ownership, from ‘official’ to ‘kind of take care’. The official dogs are in the house, and if anything goes wrong (ie a dog bite) the owner will need to take responsibility. The unofficial dogs are strays who just happen to stay around a house because the get fed there.

Having strays and ‘unofficial’ dogs around does produce some problems. Earlier in the year one of the unofficial dogs was biting people, ultimately everyone pretty much agreed he had to go.

image dsc20618.jpgThe house up the block had a number of these taken in stray type dogs. They were all well behaved and seemed to give the neighborhood a sense of security.

Two days ago they were all poisoned and the entire bunch died. Later some suspect food was found up the street in front of a new building development. Someone must have taken offense to so many dogs running around.

image dsc20624.jpgI’ve heard of this happening. A hotel or development will have someone place food on there property, the idea being they aren’t really doing anything wrong because it is their property. unofficial dogs, but they were all a well behaved bunch.

Anyway, no one knows for sure what happened or who did it. This is part of the problem here — is that there really aren’t any rules or regulations for licensing dogs, there isn’t any agency which picks up strays and it often leads to terrible instances like this.

Time to be extra careful with my dog…….

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