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Bad Neighbors with Dogs

From Jeff R Anywhere in the world you can have bad neighbors, and Thailand is no exception. I’ve lived in Bangkok 5 years in a townhouse my Thai wife had prior to meeting me. I am the only farang in our housing area and very happy with that fact. My problem from the start has been one Thai guy across the street keeps 4 large dogs that he allows to run loose 24 hours a day. They usually start barking about 11 pm in front of our house and don’t stop till around 4 am. At one time I was paying a man from the ampur 200 baht a head to haul soi dogs away and had over 60 dogs removed, but he couldn’t catch the neighbors dogs because they would run into his house every time someone tried to catch them. Someone did poison 2 of his dogs a few years ago using KFC chicken. I felt that was quite appropriate as if the poison didn’t get them the KFC would. Whatever the neighbor does for a living he is awake all night long and doesn’t care what the dogs do including scratching peoples cars, biting people and dumping around everyone’s house. Dog lovers please don’t read any further. I have tried every type of poison I could find, seems the guy feeds them so well they won’t eat any goodie I toss outside. Many of the neighbors have have confrontations at 2 am with the jerk and it doesn’t change. My wife keeps saying jai yen, but that only works so far. Hope someone can suggest something I haven’t thought of.

Editor: Ok, I’ll post it and see if you get ideas. One thing I might suggest is putting in an official complaint (rong rian) at the tessaban office. Admittedly they normally aren’t too proactive, but it won’t hurt to try the official route. The more pissed off like minded people that agree to go at the same time the better, but even if you just go yourself it would be a worthwhile exercise.

I have to admit there is a problem with dogs in Thailand. They had a program introduced a few years ago in which they would neuter street dogs and then stamp their ear and release them – the ear stamp a way of easy identification. It got nixed on the grounds of cruelty. And so it goes on endless numbers of dogs force people to take matters into their own hands. Good luck……

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