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Adjacent Road

image img_0483.jpgThis is a shot of the road project from h**l in front of the coolthaihouse (which is located in Pattaya, Thailand). As an update, the road actually as evolved by it self pretty well. If you remember, one neighbor didn’t like the slope, so he came in an hacked the road without asking anybody, drastically altered the water run-off flow. After that came the wondrous application of road gravel (hin-kuk) which keeps the road from getting muddy even if the road sits in water and the sub-strata isn’t ideal.

Since everyone can use the road now there really isn’t too many complaints, although eventually when the last house on the block is built a solution will need to be found for the water runoff (as the water currently runs off through that plot).

Recently some of the neighbors have put some gravel in front of their house in the road. It is a great gesture, but unfortunately if the gravel changes the level of the road at that one place, other points on down the line are impacted. This is because water unfortunately can’t run uphill — leading to water accumulation on the road.

In any event who is asking for perfection? Let it just be said that everyone is waiting for a volunteer who can bear the cost of cementing the road by himself, any volunteers please respond!

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