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5000 baht casio watch

Some aspects of customer service are just soooo primitive here. Example: casio shock resistant baby-g pathfinder with tide/moon bought for mrs. d about a year ago at the watch shop in Big C, North Pattaya. After a couple of weeks there is water seepage in the face of the watch.

Basically the watch fogs up and you can not see the numbers clearly. Took the watch back, they fill out a form and send it back to the repair center in Bangkok. Then the repair center ships it back to us a month later.

Still, the problem is not fixed. Go back to the big C. They fill out a form. They ship in back to the repair center.

I think if we drove it to the repair center ourselves maybe we would have better luck, but it really isn’t worth it.

It is just funny the way they do it at the Big C. It is like, well, all we can do is send it to the repair center. ‘Yes, but the repair center doesn’t seem to fix it’. ‘Well that’s all we can do’. So go another round.

I also have another Casio watch that sucks, the backlight doesn’t work. I’m not bothering to send it in. The Casio repair center here is just… bogus.

If you need a watch, pass on Casio!

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  1. Hi D

    I only ever pay 300baht for my watches and they usually last 2 years before the strap breaks. Try Mr Wong in the Pattaya Thai market opposit the wat mongkol. he is up the back on the left, very well respected for 20 years to my knowledge.

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