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2low and front gutter

image dsc20478.jpgThe continuing road story and the too-low house. 2low came up with an idea which I thought was pretty good. Install a nice little drainage gutter in the street to allow the water to run off in front of his house. Although the gutter is in the public street and really 2low should check first, frankly it is a good solution to the problem, he will be able to sell the houses and move on.

image dsc20474.jpgThis theory is a simple on. Do a gutter channel to allow an exit path for the water flowing down the street.

image dsc20506.jpgimage dsc20505.jpg

Then before I knew it the idea no longer made so much sense. The gutter channel got cemented over for the driveway. The path of water will be on the front side of the first house where a canal was dug. So I guess the cement is a small baracade to keep water out.

Personally, I would have run a drainage pipe, or at least left an open drainage canal for the water. This easily could have been done by doing a gutter, as he did, and the just running a drainage pipe under the concrete driveway.

We won’t know until the next rain how it turns out.

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