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Wire MeshClose up of wire mesh which is affixed using a nail and washer. It is used near the corner to keep cracking and separation problems to a minimum. dozer
Wire Mesh Applied to CornerWire mesh is affixed to corner areas prior to rendering to prevent cracking. dozer
Squaring a BeamThe window opening is squared using a straight edge tool. dozer
Cornering The ColumnThe straight edge is used to create the square corner on the column. dozer
Straight EdgeThe straight edge tool is used on the rough wall as the first step after the render has been applied.dozer
Wood TrowelThe wood trowel is used after the straightedge tool to start getting a smooth finish.dozer
Brooming the WallThe brooming is used as the final step to get the finish on the wall.dozer
Rendering with SpongeA sponge is used to get the final finish on the wall.dozer
Column EdgingThe columns are edged showing their outline, here pictured in a wall that has been rendered but yet to be painted.dozer
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