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Project Design


Outside of the project blue prints and ability to view the model in real time in 3D (but at a reduced level of detail), it is nice to be able to get 'renders' to have enough detail to allow design decisions to be made.

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Main Structure


The structure is composed of concrete footings located at about 3 - 4 meter intervals. On top of the footing is a large ground beam highly re-enforced with 12mm rebar and appropriate cross sections. From there oversize cinder blocks were used as the foundation for load bearing walls. They have large holes (about 15cm. x 10 cm.) which are filled with concrete and vertical rebar to make internal support columns (within the walls). There are 3 re-enforced horizontal beams to give the walls lateral strength.

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Roof Structure


Roof trusses are normally not used here. However, they have a number of advantages. They can easily span about 12 m. By definition, a truss does not need any intermediate point of support within the span. The truss design in this house is an M shape. Heavy duty 4 x 2" box section metal (3.2 mm thick) is used to give more than adequate support for the heavy tile roof.

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The kitchen is serviced by a grease trap which exits into the a dirty water septic. The bathroom solids route into a safety tank, liquids go into another dirty water septic. The appliances are properly vented, with an air vent rising up through a designated opening in the oversize cinderblock, vertically through the roof material.

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This project employs proper electric throughout. The system will consist of grounded electric which is run through tightly affixed (the screw attach type) power point boxes. Conduit is routed in the open cavities within the wall to the proper destination. No electric tape is used, wire nut fasteners are used throughout.

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The finishing stage of the project. From decorative glass block inserts to archway support, terrazzo counter tops, ceiling framework up through laying the tile and installing the aluminum windows and doors.

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Completed Project


Various aspects of the completed project, views from the exterior, the great room, bedrooms, bathroom and attic. Also there is a movie clip showing the finished house.

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Last additions - Chok Dee #1
Project MovieA short walk through of the finished project.dozerSep 27, 2011
Great Room ViewThe kitchen area and the main room are different shades of paint. There is a composite strip base board used as a skirting. dozerSep 27, 2011
Front WinowThe windows are done in quality white aluminum with frames. The walls are thick due to use of 14 centimeter concrete blocks allowing space on the inside for decorative metal burglar bars. There are 4 exterior lamps on the front powered by 2 way switches (interior exterior). dozerSep 27, 2011
Bedroom A/CAn interior bedroom shot of the large A/C 13000 BTU unit. dozerSep 27, 2011

Random files - Chok Dee #1
Top of Tank FinishingHere the concrete is being poured and finished on top of the tank. It is thick enough to support a motorcycle + car. dozer
Caulk Application to Counter InsertsHere caulk is being applied to the joint between the wood counter door inserts and the inside of the opening. dozer
Kitchen from Entry WayNotice the simple two level ceiling and the open design of the kitchen area, separated only by the wall color and floor tiles. 2 commentsdozer
Wide Valley MaterialThis shows the front roof valley and the associated wide valley flashing material that prevents water splash in during heavy rain storms.dozer
Concrete FlooringHere the surface has been smoothed and is almost complete. Notice how there is only a very thin layer of moisture on the surface. Water is an enemy of concrete, too much is not a good thing.dozer
Block being laidLaying another block in place. The blocks are lifted up over the vertically extending rebar and laid into place.
Water Septic #1First dirty water septic tank for the bathroom. Five concrete rings of 1 m x 30 cm are surrounded with large gravel. The gravel layer is about 10 cm thick (all the way around the tank).
External from the Right RearThe bathroom wall will have glass blocks inserted at select locations to let natural light in. The lower level blocks are opaque and are in the shower stall itself. dozer