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Project Design


This project is quite similar to #1, except for the patio being swapped. The project renders are done in Maxwell Render which provides a bit more life like renders, although these were done to mid level quality (still some noise in the shots). A fly through is provided as a good comparison between the design and the actual completed project.

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Main Structure


This is a column based building design, although the aerated blocks used in the wall do generate load bearing walls. There are 14 columns used at even intervals throughout the house footprint. The foundation pour was done with CPAC 280 ksc concrete over well re enforced ground beam framing.

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Roof and Ceiling


Unlike the Chok Dee #1 this is just a conventional Thai roof truss (as opposed to an M truss), since there are equa-distant columns throughout the house and no need for a large span. The ceiling is two tiered and the outside soffit is done with nature board (much better than the commonly used water resistant plaster board as normally used for the inside bathroom).

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All of the inbound water (pressurized) pipes are the thick 13.5 mm thickness. Quality glue with proper water pressure testing done throughout the project (not just at the end). The inbound water supply is a deep water (bore hole) well of 32 meters in depth. A the bottom of the hole is a Franklin deep water pump. The water is fed into a large submersed water tank via an adjustable electronic valve. Then the water is fed to the house with via a Mitsu 155 watt automatic pressure pump.

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Similar to Chok Dee #1 project with the same electrical technician. This is a tape free installation with wire nut connectors throughout. The sockets use the 2.5 mm wire, 1.5 mm is use for lighting and 16 mm is used for the main.

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Covers the walkways, driveway, perimeter wall front section. The walkways + driveway are sloped to allow for run off through a series of drain holes in the front perimeter wall. The perimeter wall is color rendered for a paint free surface. This is done for the final natural look (not for cost savings - as it requires some extra steps).

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The finishing stage of the project, including decorative glass blocks inserts, counter construction, and aluminum windows and doors.

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Finished Project


A movie of the finished project + various pictures are here. Views of the exterior and interior.

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Last additions - Chok Dee #2
Shower EnclosureThe water heater is a better quality Siebel® model. The enclosure has glass blocks (opaque) for a light and open feel. dozerSep 27, 2011
Exhaust FanThe wall mounted exhaust fans are more efficient than the ceiling mounted fans. There is plenty of light in the bathroom with a large window vent above and a row of colored glass blocks below. dozerSep 27, 2011
Dividing PanelThe dividing panel for the shower enclosure likewise has colored glass blocks to give more of an open feel. dozerSep 27, 2011
Water SystemThere is a artesian well (6 inch bore hole) in the far corner. At the bottom of the well is a submerged Franklin pump. The water is drawn into the 1750 liter underground water tank via a electronic solenoid. The pump on top of the water tank is a Mitsubishi 155 automatic water tank, which turns on when a tap is open in the system. Artesian wells are the best option for this area because they supply more and cleaner water than other solutions. The exterior wall is attractively rendered with premix die pigment, for a natural paint free surface and 'home made' feel.dozerSep 27, 2011

Random files - Chok Dee #2
Squaring Off the Window OpeningsThe window and door openings are squared off after being initially roughly finished. It is after this process that they will be the correct size and position. dozer
Door Glass InstallationThe door glass is locked in place. dozer
Water Flow Test and Drainage PVCThe drainage PVC has been installed in the proper places to allow the water to exit the site, as evidenced during this flow test. dozer
Ground Beam Diagonal MemberThe ground beam contains a fifth strand of 12mm rebar which runs in up and down diagonal fashion to increase strength. dozer
Column SquaringThe rough columns will be squared. Here a fishing line is run vertically down to a concrete nail in the floor which indicates the target line for the corner of the column, the lines indicate the external edges. dozer
Properly Installed Bird StopThis bird stop has about the right clearance, a snug fit is required or otherwise you will get unwanted entry points. dozer
Septics Prior to Walkway PourThis shows the septics prior to the walkway being poured. dozer
Junction boxJunction box positioned in the wall.dozer