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Worst case scenario – a true story in Pattaya

This story is about a farang Mr. A and his Thai wife, B. A and B looked around a found a perfect piece of land near a lake outside Pattaya. There was only one problem with the land, the government road only ran to within 4 meters of the land. Indeed on the deed itself the parcel did not show road access. But the sellers (Mr X and wife Y) showed A and B where they would grant access. As A and B could see where the access would be, they felt there was no problem. They then purchased the land. Their lawyers, who helped in the land purchase, did not point out that the land deed didn’t specify road access. (ie. the lawyers didn’t do their job of protecting their clients).

It wasn’t until A and B were just weeks away from completing their dream house that their worst nightmare was realized. You see, the original sellers of the land also own the strip of land which is required by A and B to enter their property. Now the original sellers simply told A and B that they would not be allowed access. X and Y are going to put up a wall to block access to the property.

It sounds like a made up tale, but it isn’t. A and B went off to the lawyer, who wasn’t too hopeful as in the deed there are no access rights stated. A and B tried to negotiate with X and Y, up to the tune of about 500,000 baht for a small chunk of land. But so far, X and Y have refused to negotiate.

Oh, by the way, Mr X is also a falang. This is a bound to be a long and drawn out tale.

* Always make sure you have good road access.
* AYCNG (although you can never generalize) if you’re going to be burned badly it is more apt to be by a falang than a Thai. The Thais are into the small squeeze, the falangs would be into the big burn. * The legal system here is civil law not common law, which relies very much on the written word and not on the spoken word. Don’t pay attention so much to what is said, it is what is in writing which is important.

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