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Why are some housing developments dog ugly?

from some observations about dogged out housing developments by Robin T

image dsc20498.jpgWhat is it that causes some housing developments to just continually run down? Recently I was looking for land over in East Pattaya and happened to look at a plot adjacent to Pattaya Land and House. Have you ever been in that subdivision? It is dog ugly.

Pattaya Land and House is one of the oldest developments in the area. But it isn’t just age alone. Some developments hold up pretty well over time. Some go down hill. The situation at Pattaya Land and House now is that about every other house is for sale or rent. There are many vacant lots which have never been developed and the houses along with the common areas are not maintained. Roads, for example, are overgrown with weeds and shrubs. It is just nasty looking.

What I’ve heard is that at Pattaya Land and House the developer is really bad about upkeep. Once an area starts to go down hill it gathers steam, with everyone going for the exit at once. Nobody wants to retire in Thailand to live in a slum.

It is also a natural cycle. New developments are all selling out, no matter what the price. There is a tremendous amount of supply out there. Old developments wear down and people eventually move on.

As far as the new 6 rai project I’m contemplating, I would avoid these pitfalls by having a proper maintenance budget, with each house probably chipping in about 5 thousand baht a year. Also, there would be by laws which lay out the owners maintenance responsibilities for their own house.

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