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Just a general update, haven’t posted for a while. Since then I’ve created a forum section. I think it is going OK, but a little bit slow off the gate. If you have anything to say at all try posting over there. It could develop into a good resource if everybody registering could create a couple of posts. Anything related to construction would be great!

I don’t know why it seems I’m so busy right now. Basically, construction wise, I’m doing a couple of projects. The first is a perimeter wall around about 100 square wah of land behind this house. I bought an adjoining plot of land basically doubling the land space (to 1/2 rai). The perimeter wall is just about finished up. The workers have turned out to be really good and don’t need much directing, which is good considering they are working on a day labor rate. I like this way of working, as small changes, additions, subtractions, etc. don’t have to be negotiated as you go. I figured the 56 meter wall would take 4 working men about 3 weeks and that is just about the time that has been used. However, the work has been slowing down as of late. And I’ve realized with day pay, if you don’t know exactly how long the task will take it is really hard to tell if the workers are going slow or fast. Other (future) jobs that I don’t know in advance how long they will take I’ll just get the workers to bid a price up front.

The same workers (who are actually a road crew) will be assisting in putting in a road to a rather large parcel. We have a good dirt man working on it also. It is a major effort, since to get to the parcel we need to do the public road of about 200 meters. Will be laying down a tarmac road and then additionally an entry road into the parcel of land, another 100 meters in length. There are several steps to doing the road, grading, bringing in road dirt (din luk rang), tamping it down, and then bringing in the road stone (hin kuk). With the road I’m sure I’ll be snapping and posting pics as it will be a very interesting project.


  1. Hi Dozer

    My tame foreman told me that there is a standard price per 3.5m section of perimeter wall and that you can pay per section. Will also suggest some design tricks i have seen that will speed up construction, also some piccies of what happens when its done wrongly.

    perimeter walls are a rather important issue for falngs

    ps Dozer, its still rather obscure on your site as to where to Login in to add comments (not on the home page, perhaps some directions of the home page, or a link would help

  2. I’ve only got prices on 1 meter linear at 500 baht. I like to have the posts placed at 2.5 meters for strength. I have a bunch of work lined up for this crew and prefer the daily labor as long as they keep trucking.

    Yes as far as the site goes not much I can do about the logon at the moment, but I do plan on adding some navigation links to the forum site soon!

    thanks…. dozer

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