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What about that condo, can you own it?

from Jeff K
thanks the info on buying houses via a company was most interesting, Ithink i ll stay with my condo for the time being.

editor: One thing this reminded me of was the fact that now not all condos can be owned by foreigners. There has been a law on the books for a long period of time which states that all condominium units must have 51% Thai ownership (of the finished units). This was not enforced for several years, but now it is being officially enforced again.

My friend has a beautiful unit at Chateau Dale which he was able to purchase in his name. Sometime after the units were completed, the government started enforcing this law again, rather suddenly, which has distressed the developer. She now needs to suggest that prospective new clients use a company, lease, or other method to secure ownership.

Just a point: before you absolutely fall in love with that Condo you’re looking at — see if you can actually own it or not.

On the condo vs. house purchase decision, another thing to keep in mind is that condos are much more expensive than houses (the figure 40% is commonly used), primarily due to the fact that a condo can be foreign owned.

Of course the beauty of a condo (besides ownership) is that you can lock the door and leave the unit for months at a time without a worry about weeds in the yard or who will take care of the dog (which you can’t have in a condo in the first place)!

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