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What about Insulation?

My son is currently building a house at Green Valley, Rayong. He asked me about overhead insulation and I suggested 8″-10″ fibre glass (R-30 rating). Reading your information, I saw nothing about insulation. Perhaps I missed it. Did you use insulation in your construction?

He plans to install air conditioning.

Advising from California, USA is difficult.

Russ P

editor: I didn’t use insulation here, but insulation blankets or sheets are often applied directly below the roof tiles. They can be good for keeping the cold air in. There was a demo I saw at a local Homepro which had a tank separated into two sections. In the upper section was a heating light and the lower section was separated by insulation. The temperature differential was about 15c. Insulation is used here mainly as a sub strata material for the roof.

from Robin T: Yes the thing about insulation is not very well understood. I guess most people come from a northern European cold climate and have that mind set.

Fundamentally, heat rises, so you want to get rid of it upwards and outwards. A ceiling vent and perhaps a good fan for instant use would help ceiling insulation should be used to reflect heat away from the ceiling, not to keep heat in as per Europe as I said I like the idea of the falling curtain of cold air, picture gradually filling up the room like filling a cup with water.

The more you agitate the air, the less comfortable you feel (draughts). It also increases running costs.

You also need to consider the humidity problem. As you cool down the room, so it gets much drier and can lead to bronchial problems in susceptible people – I know. The RH can get down to 40-50% (from tropical 95-100%)

You need to humidify the air slightly to bring it up to 75%

I would like to carry out some experiments on this with a sample room and various ac positions but in bkk this is not practicable just now

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