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Water Pump – Stainless Steel Tank

image dsc20627.jpgOne of the Fujika 255 volt house water pumps went out yesterday. The motor was operating OK, but the tank was leaking. Even though only the motor is covered by the guarantee, the shop that sold the unit agreed to fix it! (continued below)

image dsc20628.jpgThe shop is pictured here, called ‘Giti Hardware’ on Pattaya South road (near the intersection of Sukhumvit road). They upgraded the tank to stainless steel also (at our request) for a nominal charge.

image dsc20629.jpgAny pump I ever own in the future will have a stainless steel tank. It is highly recommended, but something I didn’t notice at the time of purchase. You need to request it when you buy a water pump. It is alltogether a more durable and better prepared surface, less likely to leak.

The other interesting thing about the original pump, is that there was an loud ‘bang’ noise in the water tank when the water stopped pumping. I figured it was a result of the pressure release in the large water storage tank itself. This apparently wasn’t the case and has been solved by replacing the pump tank itself.

Also, from what I hear from several plumbers is that the best brand, as far a reliability is Mitsubishi. The next time I buy a pump I’ll stay away from Fujika and go with another brand.

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