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Water Heaters

from peter A friend just emailed me your site. As someone now going through the tribulations of getting it done (without the virtues of a thai wife to translate, haggle and scrutinize), your info is most welcome…. Does anyone know of the availability of gas water heaters in thailand? All I can find are the standard issues at HomePro?

Editor: I bought a 75 liter wall mount central water heater at HomePro, but it is electric, not gas. Don’t know about gas water heaters.

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  1. propane wall mounted water heaters are very common in continental europe but i havent seen them here (try Malaysia builders merchants?)

    Why do you particularly want a gas water heater – for dish washing? or a bath (small ones not suitable). electric shower heaters are quite ok? proper immersion heater tanks (pressurised are also well tried but a little expensive to run unless you install at least 150mm additional insulation blanket around them and encase in a simple wooden cupboard. then the running cost should be minimal (i tried this many times in the UK, the extra insulation really works)

    beware of installing an open flu gas heater in a confined space such as a bathroom. the fumes exhaust into the room and contain highly poisonous carbon monoxide. there have been several fatal accidents in spain because the exhaust chimneys were blocked up in appartments

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