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to use roof sheeting in Udon

from Gary

Just have a question and hope you can be of some help.

I am looking at renovating the roof on my mother in law’s house up near Udon Thani. My wife says that they want to use roof sheeting rather than tile. Any ideas on cost per m2?

Any help would be appreciated.

ps Really interesting site. Bet there are loads of people feeling inspired to follow your lead.

editor. Don’t have direct costs, but there are many grades and styles of roof sheeting. Using roof sheeting is a really good idea. It is not only cheaper than tile, but you will save big on the metal used in the roof truss since the weight which needs to be supported is reduced dramatically. Think of a house constructed of regular tile as an apparatus to keep the 12 ton roof in the air. Also, there really is no downside to synthetic roof sheeting, outside of the popularity of the look of cement tiles. You might check out this this roofing ideas


  1. Hi

    I assume the old roofing is corrugated galvanised steel sheeting?

    If so, why dont you just replace it with new equivalent sheeting, its 10 baht per linear foot and you typically use 10 foot sheets simple

    If you want to get a bit posh so no! boss can show off in her village then you can get the sheets already painted in various primary colours (I like red for example) said sheets cost 50% more

    If you go for grc sheet tiles as you suggest, you will have to have additional rafters and purloins to get the spacing right for these sheets, could be more costly than you bargained for.

    btw coruugated sheeting lasts at least 20 years – painted probably much longer

    be a brute and keep it simple and your money in your pocket, any arguments, get a new wife

  2. BTW: If the original roofing isn’t tile you would have a really expensive go to change over to tile anyway – since the support truss would need to be totally redone and if the house uses preformed foundation posts could cause cracking and other problems (due to weight). Even better argument for going with grc sheeting…..

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