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The Money Pit – Koh Change Remodel

image moneypitkohchang.jpgIan was in for the experience of a life time. Looking around he and his Thai partner found the ‘real deal’, a fisherman’s house for sale for the paltry sum of 850,000 baht. How do you know if you’ve made a good deal when buying a house or land? When somebody offers you a profit of 50% on the very next day! Now the serious work of renovations began, Thai style.

There are some delightful observations about Thai workers….. therefore we’ve got the builders to do stuff slowly rather than slapping on cement & tiles willy-nilly. Unfortunately having them take a bit of time didn’t automatically equate to taking more care, so it took a couple of attempts to get everything up to standard.

How true it is. Sometimes Thai workers have the ‘get stuff done’ dial set to 10 and the take care setting at about a 5. Ian guides use through the project month by month.

How about crossing the guy who says ‘he is connected’? Did it end up in blows or did Ian negotiate? I’ve run into a few of those blowhards myself and that is always no fun. In any event, the project turned out….. we’ll you’ll have to visit Ian’s website to find out. the Koh Chang Money Pit

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