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Thaizine build a house walk through

image thaizinepictofhouse.jpgHere is a really neat multi page article on building here in the land of smiles. Interesting insights, for example why it might be cost effective to upgrade tile from ceramic to marble. What about those pricey western style kitchens which Think your getting a bargain on that door or door frame, think again!

Generally, most farangs expect wood products to be in a good state when they buy them. Sadly, it’s not the case in Thailand – the wood products are basically in a very bad state.

Why not to use wood to hold up your ceiling? Prices for windows, door, land around Pattaya and much more.

On the importance of getting quotes:

The first thing to do is get three quotes. One of these, you will find, is a rip off merchant – he will most likely be fifty percent more expensive. He is probably not your best choice. The other two will most likely be quite close in price, so choose whichever you feel most confident with. A good test is always to hand the plans to the builder upside down and see how long it takes him to turn them the right way up.

This article is a must read. Gives a nice perspective on various levels and grades of materials. Check it out here thaizine article on building by dirtydog

On a lighter note; The author, dirtydog obviously doesn’t think much of Americans. I guess it all depends on your perspective. From my observations in the LOS, the descriptions offered are more applicable to my English friends…….

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