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Thai Style Architecture Examples

Here are a couple of nice examples of some traditional Thai architectural aspects being added to newly constructed high end luxury homes.

image dsc20196.jpg This example shows and interesting mix of decorative red bricks with teak wood steeples. Teak wood is not cheap in Thailand by any means, it more expensive here even than other countries. You seldom see it used here for that reason.

image dsc20197.jpgimage dsc20198.jpgA full view of the same house showing the nice manicured grounds. A close up of the building on the right.

image dsc20168.jpgThis modern looking house incorporates Thai style steeples at the apex.

See other [Thai Architecture Samples](../infoarchitecturesamples.htm “Architecture Samples) here.


  1. love the new layout and design, top job! as usual, plenty of great info on the site..keep up the good work!

  2. Teak wood, I beleive need a special permit? (also called My Pradoo). Only for the very rich and well connected. You cant move it around the country by truck, the Chalam will want their cut :-}

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