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Subcontract including materials

image DSC01108.JPGBefore entering into any subcontract including materials you need to specify each and every material that will be used. If you are having the subcontractor buy out of his budget, of course you’ll likely end up with the cheapest stuff (if you don’t specify exactly what will be used).

My buddy down the street just subcontracted to have some stuff done around the house, including a driveway pour. I noticed the cheapest cement stacked up outside the job. You might save 20 baht a bag (110 for suua brand, 90 or so for the cheapest) by using the cheapest, this job will use about 30 bags. So on a 100,000 baht job the are savings of 600 baht to use a sub-standard cement brand. Doesn’t come out in the wash.

In this case the buddy is having the cement upgraded since it isn’t too late.

This is another reason to control the materials budget and do labor only bids where possible. If you don’t like this option, just get together a list of what materials you will need and get recommendations from the supply store. Nothing worse than cheap ass cement.

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